Anna University Procedure for Review After Revaluation Results

Anna University Review Results

Web Portal is opened for Applying Review of Answer Scripts of Nov/Dec 2017 Examinations(First Semester – UG/PG). Last date for Applying Review of Answer Scripts 28-02-2018, Web Portal will be closed by 4:00 PM

April May 2018 Review Details will be updated soon here

Kind Attention to the Institution: – Review Results of Nov./Dec. 2017 Examination is Published.The results of the candidates who have not paid the review fees will be released on receipt of the same.

1. Candidates who wish to apply for revaluation should first apply for photocopy of his/her answer script by paying Rs. 300 per script on or before the last date for applying photocopy.
2. After receiving the photocopy, the student can verify the copy for any discrepancy like total mistake and omission in the valuation.
3. If any discrepancy is noticed the same may be brought to the notice of the Additional Controller of Examinations ( University Departments ) for remedial action.
4. The valuation in the photocopy of the answer script can be verified by the subject expert and if the expert is convinced that the script deserves higher
marks than awarded, he/she can recommend for applying revaluation.
5. The student can apply for revaluation by paying Rs. 200 towards revaluation fee on or before the last date for applying revaluation.
6. Even after the revaluation, if the student is still not satisfied with the result, he/she can opt for review of his/her answer script by paying the prescribed fee. The review procedure will be intimated along with the revaluation result.
7. There is no change in the existing review procedure.


Review Procedure

1. Only candidates who have applied for the photocopy of the answer script are eligible for applying for review. There is no restriction on the MARK/GRADE obtained by the candidate.

2. The answer script is to be valued and justified by a faculty member of the college, who handled the subject, and he/she should recommend for review with the breakup of marks for each question.

3. The application for review should be forwarded by the Principal along with the requisition of the student with proper justification of the faculty member concerned on or before 12-03-2012.

4. The fee for review is Rs.3,000/- and it should be paid in the form of demand draft drawn in favour of the Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 25.

5. Grade System: If a candidate gets higher grade in review, the higher grade will be declared as the final grade. Only such candidates are eligible for refund of sum of Rs.3,000/-.

6. Mark System: If a candidate gets a higher mark in review, the higher mark obtained in review will be declared as the final mark. Refund of sum of Rs.3,000/- will be made only to
a) The candidates who have failed originally and obtained pass mark after review. b) The candidates who have passed already and obtained an increase of 5 or
more marks after review.

7. The refund will be made to the candidate through the Principal of the College in the form of demand draft drawn in the name of the candidate.

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Anna University CBCS Regulation

Anna University CBCS Regulation R2017  students Maximum Time To Clear Arrears

Common to all B.E. / B.Tech. Full-Time Programmes
(For the students admitted to B.E. / B.Tech. Programme at various Affiliated Institutions)

For Regulation 2017 Anna University Affiliated College Students

A student is ordinarily expected to complete the B.E. / B.Tech. Programme in 8 semesters (four academic years) but in any case not more than 14 Semesters for HSC (or equivalent) candidates and not more than 12 semesters for Lateral Entry Candidates

Download Official Regulation Document from Anna University