How Much Money an IPL Cheerleader Earn ?

How Much Money an IPL Cheerleader Earn ?

Cheerleaders have become integral part IPL. For every 4 or every 6 during the match, these cheerleaders are ready to dance and entertain the audience, thus attracting them. But the question how cheerleaders earn money and what is their salary? As per the reports cheerleader earns around 15 thousand 25 thousand per match. If the team wins they get the bonus too. In the entire season, the plays minimum 14 matches and so, these cheerleaders have around 4 lakhs ready.

 IPL Cheerleaders Salary 2018  :

Per Match – INR 6000 to INR 12000
Winning Bonus – INR 3000 For
Extra Appearances – INR 7000 to INR 12000
Photo Shoot Purpose – INR 5000


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